Uninsured Patients

For the Uninsured Woman...

The Rose removes barriers to care.

The Rose ensures access to quality breast health care for all women—regardless of the ability to pay.

For women without insurance, we offer the option of a cash payment. We also have knowledgeable staff who assist uninsured women in determining if they qualify for financial assistance. To facilitate the process, the uninsured woman needs to bring:

  • A picture ID
  • A doctor’s order
  • Proof of income or letter of support—can be brief and from a family member or friend  OR
  • Wage verification from WorkSource

If a patient is diagnosed with breast cancer, our Empower Her® sponsorship program provides guidance through the medical maze. Empower Her includes Patient Navigators who are by the patient’s side when the diagnosis is shared and offer one-on-one advocacy and mentoring support through the entire process of diagnosis, to physician referral, to treatment. Patient navigation services include assistance with paperwork, translation, education, prosthesis, and access to any resource individuals may need to expedite healing and recovery.

When additional procedures or treatment not provided by The Rose are required, patients may be connected to our Physician Network—more than 500 physicians who have agreed to donate services to one patient a year.


Helpful Tips:

1. Do not wear lotions, powders or deodorants on the day of your appointment.

2. Please wear two-piece clothing for convenience and comfort.

3. For a biopsy, please do not take any aspirin or Advil for at least 7 days prior to your appointment.

4. For bone density testing, please do not wear any metal, i.e., zippers or buttons.

5. Please do not bring a child who requires supervision while you are being examined.

6. Please bring the following to your appointment:

      • A referral form from your physician
      • The date of your last menstrual period or year of hysterectomy
      • The patient will need to provide images/CDs from the two most recent mammograms and/or ultrasounds and the reports for comparison purposes or the address and phone number of the facility where they can be obtained. This will allow us to quickly compare them to your new digital images. Your results may be delayed if we must wait for your old films to arrive. Images/CDs are mandatory for diagnostic appointments.
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         to authorize The Rose to request on your behalf.
      • Any prior bone density test results or the address and phone number of the facility or physician where they can be obtained.