Breast MRI

has arrived

Elevate Early Detection

While mammography remains the gold standard in breast cancer screening, our new Breast MRI service offers a supplementary view, ensuring even greater accuracy in breast cancer screening and contributing to enhanced patient outcomes.

Dual-Depth Diagnosis

By integrating Breast MRI with mammography, we offer a dual-modality approach that delivers the most comprehensive imaging insights to our radiologists.

Sharper Sensitivity for High-Risk Patients

Our Breast MRI technology offers unparalleled sensitivity, making it a game-changer for detecting minute cancers in dense breast tissue and high-risk individuals.

Superior Imaging for Implants

For patients with breast implants, our Breast MRI excels in detecting implant ruptures and identifying primary lesions, offering peace of mind with precise imaging.

Inclusive Healthcare Innovation

The Rose, in partnership with Live Healthy Imaging, proudly extends our state-of-the-art Breast MRI services to every member of our community, insured or not.