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Who is Mona?

To raise awareness in a fun, positive way, The Rose is launching a charismatic campaign circling around a 40-year-old ‘Everywoman’ character, Mona!

Mona makes light of turning 40 and celebrates the 40s by laughing a little about mammograms while pointing to them as an important activity to start at age 40.

Mona is brave, bold, truthful and a bit like a superhero who is championing every woman’s good health.

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The numbers don't lie

For the last 5 years, women have heard that they don’t need a mammogram in their 40’s, but our numbers don’t lie.  This past year, 65 of the patients diagnosed at The Rose were in their 40’s and 29 patients diagnosed were under 40. That means 1/3 of our diagnosed patients were in their 40’s or younger.

She tells it like it is

We know talking about breast health and mammograms isn’t the easiest subject to approach, let alone finding the time to make an appointment while juggling zoom calls and carpool lines. But it must be done, and Mona doesn’t shy away from telling it like it is.

If you’re 40 or in your 40s, treat yourself to a mammogram by scheduling today. Make sure your friends and family do the same, or let Mona do it for you by sharing the graphics above!