Mobile Mammography Program

Mobile Mammography Program

The Rose is proud to make mammograms accessible to women throughout our communities with the Mobile Mammography Program. Our self-contained, luxury health coaches come equipped with the latest in breast screening technology. Our Pink Fleet of five coaches offer 3D mammography and on some coaches, a separate patient examination suite for other preventive screenings. The Mobile Mammography Program currently serves 43 counties across Southeast Texas.

If you have questions about the Mobile Mammography Program or you would like to request more information, please contact our Mobile Department at 281.484.4708 or email us at

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3D Mobile Mammography + Excellence in Healthcare + Convenience =
A Healthier Community and Work Place.
A Record of Success You Can Trust

Since 2006, women throughout Southeast Texas have enjoyed the benefits and convenience of The Rose’s Mobile Mammography Program. We bring services to thousands of women where they live, work and pray. Women no longer need to delay, or worse, skip annual screening because of barriers such as having no time to be off work, traveling long distances, and limited finances.

Newest Addition—3D Mammography and Mobile Health Coach

The newest addition to our mobile mammography fleet is a self-contained, luxury Mammography Health Coach offering all the early detection advantages of state-of-the art 3D digital imaging. From the moment you enter, you’re surrounded by beautiful, comforting surroundings and a caring, professional staff.

How Do I Book the 3D Mammography Coach at My Business?

You care about your employees. They deserve the best. Your company is concerned about Social Responsibility. We take the ‘hard work’ out of giving your employees benefits that matter and make a difference in the community. We bring Wellness and Quality—where they work. No need for employees to miss work or use precious time off. Screening saves lives – the breast cancer survival rate is 98% when detected early.

Why The Rose?

Our mission is the difference. Insured or uninsured, we care for all women. We accept major insurances, ACA, Medicare, Medicaid, and discount prices to those who are self-pay. Not every company can afford to cover all employees. When you choose The Rose, your part-time, contract and temporary employees also benefit. Every insured woman who has a mammogram at The Rose helps us serve an uninsured woman.

Screening and More

When The Rose provides screening, women have the assurance of also having any diagnostic follow-up at one of our Breast Diagnostic Centers. Our care is continuous. Our providers are specialists. From screening to treatment, our programs ensure that no one ever has to walk alone during their breast cancer journey.

Our Clients
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  3. School Districts
  4. Physician’s Offices

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