Episode 164

How Dorothy’s Neighbor Became a Staunch Supporter of The Rose

October 29, 2023
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MaryCarol Hoesel and Dorothy Gibbons were neighbors who became walking buddies. During one of those walks, she learned of The Rose and has been a supporter ever since.

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Dorothy: [00:00:00] Hi, I’m Dorothy Gibbons, CEO and Co Founder of the Rose Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. And this mini episode of Let’s Talk About Your Breast was recorded during our last Shrimp Boil. Our next guest is MaryCarol Hoesel, and I have known this lady for a very long time. She used to be my walking buddy.

And we’d meet every morning to walk. What I didn’t know two decades ago was that she also had a very special reason for wanting to support.

Let’s Talk About Your Breast, a different kind of podcast presented to you by the Rose Breast Center of Excellence and a Texas treasurer. You’re going to hear frank discussions about tough topics, and you’re going to learn why knowing about your breast could save your life. Join us as we hear another story, and we answer those tough questions that you may have.[00:01:00]

MaryCarol: Hi, my name’s MaryCarol Hoesel, and I’m with the Hoesel Memorial Golf Tournament. It’s just a little, small, family run golf tournament we do in La Porte every year.

Dorothy: So MaryCarol, can you walk us back to the beginning of your relationship with the Rose?

MaryCarol: Twenty years ago, my sister in law passed away from breast cancer, and this has been a way for us to give back.

We’ve done a few different things. We’ve helped Isabella Reed. get heart surgery. She’s a little girl that’s about 10 now, and she’s had three heart surgeries. We’ve raised funds for her. We also raised funds for the La Porte ISD scholarship Fund because my sister in law was a school nurse there for over 30 years.

We felt like we’d like to partner with a foundation that does mammograms for uninsured and underinsured woman plus help them with breast care. all the way through. You know, it’s a shame that 20 years ago we weren’t as advanced as we [00:02:00] are now and we lost her. But there’s so many more survivors. One of our main sponsors.

His wife has had breast cancer and she went to the Rose and she’s now one of the survivors So that’s kind of just you know, the feel good part of it We just wanted to be able to give back and honor her memory. And so that’s why we Basically get together and play golf and raise funds. We were pretty happy because usually we Do okay for just a little small family golf tournament.

We usually raise about 5, 000 this year. We were able to raise 10. So we’re looking forward to being able to maybe even improve on that next year.

Dorothy: What advice do you have for the folks that help the Rose and for our community in general,

MaryCarol: get tested, get tested early. I mean, early detection is the key. The earlier you catch it, the more likely you are to survive.

Dorothy: What do you enjoy most about the shrimp boil?

MaryCarol: Would I be lying if I said the shrimp?

Dorothy: So that wraps it up for today. And don’t forget, we’re doing an episode every single day. You’re going to [00:03:00] get your daily dose of Let’s Talk About Your Breasts during the month of October.

Post Credits: October is the month of pink. And for the Rose, a breast center of excellence.

That means we’ll be airing podcasts every day in October. To celebrate breast Cancer Awareness month, we’ll be sharing everything from bikers writing for breast cancer to areolae tattoos. Be sure to share with family and friends because there’s a little something for everyone. To find out ways to help the Rose visit our website at therose.org.

Remember, self-care is not selfish. It’s essential.

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