Mammogram to Medical Home Program

Increasing Access to Care

Introducing our new program to reach women who need access to care. Designed for women who do not have a doctor, and have noticed something different in their body.

Our program matches you with a doctor, and gets you the screening appointments you need.

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Eliminating Another Barrier to Care

Approximately 1,500 women per year call The Rose seeking a mammogram, but do not have a referring physician. Mammograms cannot be performed without an order. To eliminate that barrier, The Rose created a program, Mammogram to Medical Home, in which a nurse practitioner (NP) provides medical case management to uninsured women without a medical home to increase access to care. The process starts with outreach to medically underserved communities, continues through breast cancer services and ends with the patient enrolled in a medical home.

Our Objective
To increase access to care for uninsured women by having a Nurse Practitioner on staff to issue an order for a mammogram, provide health education, navigate through breast imaging services and ultimately refer the patient to a medical home convenient to the patient for primary health care creating a healthier community.
Our Method
Women contact The Rose and complete the application for Sponsorship. Once qualified, her appointment is scheduled with a nurse practitioner. At the initial appointment, the patient completes a brief medical history. The nurse practitioner reviews the information, provides a focused health assessment and clinical breast exam, and educates the patient about the importance of having a medical home. Under the supervision of an external physician, the Nurse Practioner then provides an appropriate order for a mammogram (screening or diagnostic workup). After the mammogram is completed, the report is sent to the Nurse Practioner. If the report is benign, the patient is then navigated by the Medical Home Navigator into a medical home to increase access to primary care. The patient is followed for one year with phone calls with the goal of the patient to have at least one visit to the recommended medical home within a year from the visit at The Rose. Uninsured women diagnosed with cancer are navigated into treatment and receive survivor services by The Rose’s Patient Navigation to Treatment Program.
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“This is an exciting time for The Rose, launching a new program that eliminates yet another barrier to care for the uninsured woman while at the same time allows her to gain access to additional healthcare providers. Our mission of access to care has never been stronger or more needed in our community.”

- Dorothy Gibbons, CEO & Co-Founder